• March 20th 2020

    Update class Action
    Against Montara Oil Company in Australian Courts
    Breakings News: WE WON

    What actually occurred on the Montarra Oil drilling site
    The Montara oil spill was one of the largest in Australian history

Who We Are

Manusia untuk Masyarakat
(People for the Community)

Manusia Untuk Masyarakat (MUM) or People for the Community, was founded in 2006 and is a fully registered and legally compliant not-for-profit foundation based in Indonesia.

MUM’s community development work strives to build thriving communities where those in most need can enjoy opportunity, security and fulfilment.

Within our programme areas we work with communities on a range of issues to improve and sustain their quality of life. MUM’s aim is to vitalise these communities to become self-reliant through sustainable economic development and education. When working with these communities, our number one priority is to empower them to escape the poverty cycle and live a life of self-sufficiency.

Our team understands how to facilitate transformational development in communities in need whether it be due to natural disasters, extremist activities or poverty.

MUM’s Board of Governance, Senior Leadership Team and each and every staff member are dedicated to the belief that every community in Indonesia deserves a future free of poverty and subsistence. Our Board is comprised of a team of experts in the Indonesian aid and development sector and have led several for purpose foundations in various parts of the archipelago. Individual members of our Board and team were on the ground during the devastating 2002 Bali Bombing and 2006 Boxing Day Tsunami in Banda Aceh coordinating the delivery of much needed aid and relief. This foundational experience of navigating the Indonesian NGO landscape ensures our approach is evidence based and aligned with leading national and international
Our active projects

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The Shelter Project Lombok

Building simple houses for people in Lombok who have no roof over their needs

PARC Medical Bus Project

A fully equipped medical bus that visits areas affected by disaster in Lombok

Education Project NTT

A project to traine english to children in areas where tourism is developing